East River Fizz


Yes, I know this is a cocktail and this is a cooking blog, but it’s my fucking blog and there’s only one post on it so far anyway so who cares. This is a cocktail that started as a joke but turned out pretty damn good so I’ve actually been making it pretty often now. It started when an old coworker had tweeted about somehow getting the East River in his margarita.

This led me to thinking about making an “interestingly” salty margarita.

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Slow Cooker Pulled Lemon Chicken

I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted, and after three days of soft food I was tired of soup and craving meat. I didn’t want to risk the dreaded dry socket so I made a compromise – I’ll stew whatever protein so soft that I’d be able to essentially slurp it up. So of course it was the slow cooker to the rescue.

This was a typical “make it up as you go” solution so unfortunately I didn’t measure everything, but I’ll try and estimate what I probably used.

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